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U.S. Capitol Is Locked Down After Reports of Gunfire
Witnesses reported hearing gunshots outside the Capitol after 2 p.m., sparking a huge police response and heightened security inside the Capitol, which was already tense during shutdown negotiations. Members not near their own offices were asked to go to the nearest office, and shelter there.
Afghans Seek Admission of Military Errors by the U.S.
Afghan officials said a long-term security pact could be reached with the United States if President Obama acknowledged mistakes and vowed not to repeat them. [url=http://www.girleveningdresses.com]the north face sale[/url]
Justices Reject Bid to Block Texas Law on Abortions
Justice Antonin Scalia said the challengers to a law that requires doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at a hospital nearby had not met a heavy procedural burden. [url=http://www.girleveningdresses.com]the north face outlet[/url]
In JPMorgan
Deal, U.S. Aimed for
Bottom Line
The Justice Department’s tactics leading up to a $13 billion settlement with the bank over mortgage practices underscore a broader strategy shift at the agency, where prosecutors are trying to hit Wall Street where it hurts most. <a href="http://www.girleveningdresses.com">the north face outlet online</a>
JPMorgan Settlement Offers Look Into Mortgage Machine
Perks Ease Way in Health Plans for Lawmakers
While millions of Americans struggle with the federal health exchange, members of Congress and their aides have all sorts of help. [url=http://www.girleveningdresses.com]the north face sale[/url]
Koch Group Uses Health Care Law to Attack Democrats
From left: Steve Dykes/Getty; Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP; Don Ryan/AP
Team Colors? It’s Anybody’s Guess
Sports locker rooms have become more like Hollywood wardrobes, crammed with multiple uniform options in a riot of colors and fabrics.
U.S. Is Said to Weigh Destroying Syrian Chemicals at Sea
The plan would call for the chemical weapons to be destroyed on an oceangoing barge, American officials said.
Beirut Bombs Strike at Iran as Assad’s Ally
The attack appeared to broaden the pattern of division across the region linked to the civil war in Syria, where Iran has emerged as a powerful ally of the government side.
The Lede: Through the Lens of Hezbollah TV
More News
Protest Returns Dissent to Cairo’s Heart
Fla. Congressman Faces Cocaine Charge
Doctors Say Heart Drug Raised Risk
Vladimir Putin Clings to the Past
Former Soviet republics must be free to develop relations with any foreign nation
they choose.
Op-Ed Contributors
Beware Marauding Carp
The grass carp is poised to disrupt the ecology of the Hudson River.
Edsall: Obamacare Crisis
Friedman: Let’s Make a Deal
Dowd: Twisted Sister, and Brothers
Senate Democrats Weigh Move to Curb Filibusters
The consideration follows a Republican blockade of three of President Obama’s nominees to a key appeals court.
Video &raquo;
More Video &raquo;
What Would Aldous Huxley Make of the Way We Consume Media and Popular Culture?
Adam Kirsch and Jennifer Szalai on the prescience — or lack thereof — of the “Brave New World” author, who died 50 years ago this month.
News from A.P. & Reuters »
China Gives Details of Rescue Teams to Philippines
Today in History
Review: Xbox One a Great Game Player _ and More
England Fear Nobody, Says Captain Cook
Arts »
Books of The Times
‘My Promised Land’
In his new book, Ari Shavit wrestles with hard questions about Israel.
Enduring Nazi Law Impedes Recovery of Art
A 1938 could make it difficult for German museums to recover looted pieces.
Theater Review
Now With High-Tech Gifts
The “Radio City Christmas Spectacular” returns.
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Tripleheader to Open Show Season
Three international salons — in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Guangzhou, China — are about to open more or less on top of one another this week.
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Bernard Tyson of Kaiser Permanente, on Speaking Your Mind
The chief executive wants employees to say what they’re thinking, even though he may not agree with them.
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Sleep Therapy Seen as an Aid for Depression
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Op-Ed: Are We Alone in the Universe?
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Mike Tyson&rsquo;s Memoir, &lsquo;Undisputed Truth&rsquo;
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Measuring the Might of Haiyan
Opinion »
Op-Ed: Bill Gates Can&rsquo;t Build a Toilet
High-tech $1,000 bathroom gadgets won’t help the world’s poor.
Sports &raquo;
For John Moffitt, the Money Wasn&rsquo;t Worth It
Health »
Healthy Trips to Exotic Places
Opinion »
Draft: The Internet Is a Welcome Distraction
My writing brain has been waiting for something exactly like the dizzyingly overfull, warp-speed Web.
N.Y. / Region &raquo;
Plan to Redevelop South Street Seaport
Books »
An Old Chinese Novel Is Racy Reading Still
Opinion »
Disastrous &lsquo;Acts of God&rsquo;
Room for Debate asks: Should the law still consider storms unforeseeable? Should people of faith fault God?
World &raquo;
Presumed Innocent, but Caged in Court
World &raquo; Afghans Demand That U.S. Admit Military Errors Beirut Bombs Strike at Iran as Assad&rsquo;s Ally Options Narrowed, U.S. Is Said to Weigh Destroying Syrian Chemicals at Sea Business Day &raquo; DealBook: In Extracting Deal From JPMorgan, U.S. Aimed for Bottom Line DealBook: As Trader&rsquo;s Trial Begins, Name of One Insider Stands Out DealBook: JPMorgan Settlement Offers Look Into Mortgage Machine Opinion &raquo; Op-Ed Contributors: Beware Marauding Carp Editorial: Vladimir Putin Clings to the Past Op-Ed Columnist: Twisted Sister, and Brothers U.S. &raquo; In Places Like North St. Louis, Gunfire Still Rules the Night 50 Years Later, a Changed Dallas Grapples With Its Darkest Day Justices Reject Bid to Block Texas Law on Abortions Technology &raquo; Bits Blog: Emotion at Final Shareholder Meeting for Microsoft&rsquo;s Ballmer Handset Unit Nearly Sold, Nokia Now Looks to an Uncertain Future F.C.C. Chairman Calls for Transforming the Technology Used by Phone Systems Arts &raquo; Enduring Nazi Law Impedes Recovery of Art Theater Review: A Story to Question, Word for Word Critic&rsquo;s Notebook: Kids These Days: They&rsquo;re All Older Than 50 Politics &raquo; Perks Ease Way in Health Plans for Lawmakers Health Insurance Marketplace Is Still About 40 Percent Incomplete, Official Says In Stance on Renewal of Old Health Policies, States Run the Gamut Sports &raquo; It&rsquo;s a Fashion Show for Sports Teams Pistons 92, Knicks 86: Knicks, Running Out of Options, Fall Short Again Pierce, Now Surrounded by Scorers, Seeks a Role Movies &raquo; A Glittery Prelude to Oscars&rsquo; Big Night An Inadvertent Paean to Jerry Bruckheimer, From the Studio That Ousted Him Syd Field, Author of the Definitive Work on Writing Screenplays, Is Dead at 77 N.Y. / Region &raquo; Family&rsquo;s Tenacity and Wealth Put Skakel at Cusp of Freedom Night Falls, and 5Pointz, a Graffiti Mecca, Is Whited Out in Queens Report Documents a Rise in Fatal Shootings by the City&rsquo;s Police Officers Obituaries &raquo; Charlotte Zolotow, Author of Books on Children&rsquo;s Real Issues, Dies at 98 J. P. Fitzpatrick, 89, Savior of Pre-Revolutionary Inn, Dies Syd Field, Author of the Definitive Work on Writing Screenplays, Is Dead at 77 Theater &raquo; &lsquo;Spider-Man&rsquo; Investors Shaken by Projected $60 Million Loss Theater Review: A Story to Question, Word for Word Theater Review: Now With High-Tech Gifts for the Holidays Science &raquo; Coldblooded Does Not Mean Stupid Findings: A Cold War Fought by Women Energy Dept. Is Told to Stop Collecting Fee for Nuclear Waste Disposal Travel &raquo; Q&amp;A: Will Forte on the Glories of the Great Plains Bites: Restaurant Report: Guild &amp; Company in Burlington, Vt. Check-In: Hotel Review: The Graham Hotel in Washington, D.C. Television &raquo; Critic&rsquo;s Notebook: Kids These Days: They&rsquo;re All Older Than 50 Television: 50 Years Matter, Even to a Time Lord Zombies in His Past, Now Onto Cops Health &raquo; How Doctors Die In Stance on Renewal of Old Health Policies, States Run the Gamut Perks Ease Way in Health Plans for Lawmakers Dining & Wine &raquo; Thanksgiving Day, &agrave; la Fran&ccedil;aise It&rsquo;s the Economy: Why Is Turkey Cheaper When Demand Is Higher? Wines of The Times: Wines for Thanksgiving: Mixing Without Trying to Match Books &raquo; Books of The Times: Son of Israel, Caught in the Middle A Writer Thanks Her Lucky Stars Bookends: Whom or What Are Literary Prizes For? Education &raquo; A Talk That Stirred Fear of Antigay Bias Is Postponed at a Bronx High School Princeton University to Use Foreign Vaccine Texas: Conservative Student Group Draws Fire for Immigration Game Home & Garden &raquo; It&rsquo;s That Brownstone. Again. Events: Pratt Institute Celebrates Four Leaders in Design and Culture Shows: Isay Weinfeld Exhibition in TriBeCa Sunday Review &raquo; Op-Ed Columnist: The Three Burials of Obamacare News Analysis: Good Deals on Pills? It&rsquo;s Anyone&rsquo;s Guess Editorial: Sentenced to a Slow Death Real Estate &raquo; Living in: Island Park: Sandy as Mother of Reinvention Hell&rsquo;s Kitchen: Sizzling Exclusive | 18 East 74th Street: Upper East Side Mansion, Ornate, Yet Cozy Fashion & Style &raquo; Sunday Style in Johannesburg Jay Z and Barneys Announce Substantial Changes in Their Partnership Critical Shopper: At Swarovski&rsquo;s New Outpost, a Look on the Bright Side Magazine &raquo; The Impossible Refugee Boat Lift to Christmas Island Eureka: What Does Cancer Smell Like? It&rsquo;s the Economy: Why Is Turkey Cheaper When Demand Is Higher? Automobiles &raquo; After 3 Fires, Safety Agency Opens Inquiry Into Tesla Model S Behind the Wheel | SRT Viper: The Viper Strikes Back Behind the Wheel | Chevrolet Corvette Stingray: Stingray Returns With Styling &agrave; la Mode T Magazine &raquo; Art Matters | Art, Underground Music and Basketball Collide in Queens Site to Be Seen | From the Makers of Bonobos, a Shopping Site for the Ladies Holiday | The Daily Gift: Uniform Wares Watch

Times Wire &raquo;
Most recent updates on NYTimes.com. See More &raquo;
0:11 AM ET For Those in Their 20s, a Finding That They Don’t Manage Debt Well
11:58 PM ET Oklahoma State Romps Past Memphis
11:56 PM ET Maple Leafs Beat Islanders
Jay Z and Barneys announce substantial changes
Also on NYTimes.com
Watch Sunday style in Johannesburg
The gayest place in America?
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Disney Falls After Cable Division Registers Profit Drop
By Christopher Palmeri & Jonathan Erlichman -
Stock Chart for Walt Disney Co/The (DIS)
Iger: Disney Deal Is Smart for Netflix
[url=http://www.jkbeats.com]beats by dre[/url] Walt Disney Co. dropped in extended trading after reporting lower income at cable networks including ESPN, the company’s biggest source of profit. [url=http://www.jkbeats.com]Beats PRO & Beats Studio at Beats By Dre[/url] Disney fell as much 3.3 percent to $64.95 after releasing fourth-quarter results yesterday. The stock lost 2.7 percent to $67.15 at the close in New York and has gained 35 percent this year, compared with a 19 percent advance for the Dow Jones Industrial Average . [url=http://www.jkbeats.com]beats headphones for sale[/url] Higher programming costs for football and baseball weighed on a division that typically produces 40 percent of Disney’s earnings, according to Martin Pyykkonen , an analyst at Wedge Partners Corp. Profit from cable, largely ESPN and the Disney Channels, slid 7 percent, the company said yesterday . [url=http://www.jkbeats.com]monster beats by dre outlet[/url] “We remain confident in ESPN’s value and continued reign as the leader in sports,” Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Robert Iger said on a conference call. [url=http://www.jkbeats.com]beats by dre outlet store[/url] Net income for the quarter rose 12 percent to $1.39 billion, or 77 cents a share, from a year earlier, Burbank, California-based Disney said yesterday, citing growth at its theme parks, consumer products and film studio. [url=http://www.jkbeats.com]Monster beats by dr. dre outlet[/url] Profit topped the 76-cent average of 27 analysts’ estimates compiled by Bloomberg. Revenue grew 7.3 percent to $11.6 billion in the period ended Sept. 28, beating the $11.4 billion average of estimates . Those gains were overshadowed by the rare profit drop in cable, where ESPN faced new competition from Rupert Murdoch ’s new Fox Sports 1. In addition to higher programming costs, Disney recognized $172 million less in deferred affiliate revenue after recording the payments earlier in the year. Disney Channel Investments in the Disney Channel in Germany also crimped cable profit, Chief Financial Officer Jay Rasulo said on the call. In addition, Disney recorded less income from its investment in A&amp;E Television Networks and sold ESPN U.K. “We think the Street will view the results as soft given that cable networks revenue and operating income came in below our estimates,” Vasily Karasyov , an analyst at Sterne Agee &amp; Leach Inc., said in a note after the results were announced. Profit at Disney’s parks and resorts division increased 15 percent to $571 million in the quarter, as revenue grew 8.5 percent. New attractions at U.S. resorts spurred higher guest spending and occupancy, and let the company increase ticket prices. Disney is working on “Star Wars” attractions for the parks, Iger said on Bloomberg Television. “There is a fair amount of development going on at Disney Imagineering right now to expand the ‘Star Wars’ presence in California and in Orlando, and eventually in other parks around the world,” Iger said. Johnny Depp Popular films such as “Planes” and “Monsters University” led to growth at the consumer products division, Disney said. The unit boosted profit by 30 percent to $347 million, with sales growing 14 percent. The results were also driven by sales of merchandise tied to the Disney Junior cable network for preschoolers. They doubled to $1.8 billion at retail for the fiscal year. Disney’s film studio increased its profit to $108 million from $80 million as revenue grew 7.4 percent, while weathering a loss on the Johnny Depp film “The Lone Ranger.” The company credited growth from television and subscription video on demand services, such as Netflix Inc . Disney said yesterday it will produce four Marvel superhero TV series for Netflix, leveraging a brand that has produced box-office-leading returns for the company. Disney will also make more original content for other outlets. Iger cited the potential of Twitter Inc. , which went public yesterday. Twitter Potential “It’s yet another means of distribution,” Iger said. “We’re also seeing that migration in media, you know yesterday’s short is today’s long. I think we have to be mindful of that, too.” Disney’s “Iron Man 3” is the top-performing film of 2013 with $1.22 billion in worldwide box-office sales, underscoring the growing value of Marvel to Disney. “Thor: The Dark World,” also from Marvel, opens today. The first “Star Wars” film under Disney’s ownership of Lucasfilm is scheduled for release on Dec. 18, 2015. Disney Interactive, which began selling the new Disney Infinity video-game products, posted a profit of $16 million in the quarter, reversing a year earlier loss. Revenue more than doubled to $396 million. Profit at Disney’s ABC broadcast division fell 18 percent to $158 million, with revenue growing 2 percent to $1.37 billion. The company isn’t selling its local TV stations, Iger said. “As long as we’re in the network business, we’ll be in the station business,” Iger said on the call. To contact the reporters on this story: Christopher Palmeri in Los Angeles at cpalmeri1@bloomberg.net ; Jonathan Erlichman in New York at jerlichman1@bloomberg.net To contact the editor responsible for this story: Anthony Palazzo at apalazzo@bloomberg.net
Enlarge image
Disney Profit Beats Expectations on Gains From Theme Parks
Patrick Fallon/Bloomberg
Guests walk towards the Magic Castle at Walt Disney Co.'s Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California.
Guests walk towards the Magic Castle at Walt Disney Co.'s Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California. Photographer: Patrick Fallon/Bloomberg
Nov. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Robert Iger, chief executive officer of Walt Disney Co., talks about the Star Wars film franchise, the company's television productions for Netflix Inc. and the outlook for Disney content on other Internet sites.
Iger, speaking with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart," also comments on Disney's talks with Dish Network Corp. and the outlook for the technology industry. (Source: Bloomberg)
Nov. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Iger comments on the release date for "Star Wars: Episode VII" and the planned expansion of "Star Wars" attractions at Disney theme parks. He speaks with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)
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Consumer Technology
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